How To Do Slab Leak Detection and Repair


Slab leak or what is also called pinhole leaks or foundation leaks are common household issues. The thing is they cannot be taken for granted especially when the water bill arrives. Slab leaks are the main cause of high water bills in most households today. The only way to stop your water bills from soaring high is to detect and repair slab leaks right away.

Why Slab Leaks Happen

In most instances, households would blame different factors why slab leaks happen. Some feel that water lines were not installed in the right places so they break down and leaks happen. Some believe that rocks and other hard stuff broke the pipes too. Some think that the pipes are already very old and so damage is inevitable. They check on all external factors.

What Professionals Say About It

However, professionals know the real cause of slab detection is not what’s happening outside but what’s happening within. Slab leaks happen because water and copper just do not work well together especially after years of exposure. Water chemistry shows it reacts to copper and so corrosion eventually happens and weakens the pipes. Of course, when pipes weaken chances are water can leak out of the pipes. The problem is you do not have wet floors but you can also have water contamination issues.

Where Slab Leaks Happen

When you say pinhole leaks then that would be the water leak above surface. However, slab leaks are also called foundation leaks or concrete water leaks because they happen below the surface. You can easily find slab leaks when there are wet planters near the house, hot spots on the floor, wet base boards or wet carpet. This is also obvious when water is running but you have turned it off. This is the reason why your water bills continue to run high without any useful purpose for you.

What Professionals Do About It

Professional plumbing experts know that slab leaks should be detected fast. This means they utilize electronic leak detection devices to spot your slab leak issues right away. This is a non-invasive way to detect slab leaks not to mention that it can be done in matters of minutes only. The accuracy rate is also higher and it would be easy to find the source of your slab leaks as well.

How Slab Leaks Are Repaired

There are many ways you can have slab leaks repaired. You can do re-piping. You can also do pipe rerouting. Of course, you can do direct access and just open the concrete floors and replace the pipes. However, these things are easier said than done. If you do not have the right tools to detect slab leaks in the first place then chances are you would be spending more by doing some trial and error. You can also cause more issues especially with your drinking water if you do not detect it right away and take care of the piping system sooner.

How Professionals Help in Slab Leak Repair

No doubt, slab leaks repair is something you should entrust the professionals to do. Professionals do not just detect the slab leaks right away but they can perform non-invasive operations to repair them too. The repair can be expected to last for good as well. And because you have professionals doing the job, slab leak repair will not require too many long hours and days. This means less discomfort on your part. And because you have professional plumbers doing the job, you can expect guaranteed services. Hiring professional plumbers to do slab leak detection and repair will definitely help you save a lot in the long run.
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