Slab Leak



We utilize the right equipment in finding slab leaks.

Do you experience any of the following?
– Water leaks on the floors and walls
– Cracks on the wall
– High Water Bills
– Dripping sounds during the night

If your answer is a big yes, then most likely you have a slab leak in your plumbing system. The main cause of slab leak is improper plumbing system installation. However, corrosion could also be the culprit. So when you seek for any plumbing service or repair make sure that it is done by an experienced and professional company.

When you suspect a leak in your plumbing system, do not waste time and immediately call Plumbing Orange Country. We are always ready to deal with any kind of plumbing problem. Rest assured that a plumber is always ready to deal with the problem you got anytime. Ignoring the leak problem could cause a lot of damage on your property which is really expensive.

We specialize in slab leak detection and repair so expect that our service is done fast yet in high level of accuracy. Our over 30 years in business provided us with all the knowledge and experience we need when it comes to dealing with most plumbing problems people experience in Orange Country. Do not worry when it comes to the cost of the repair since we offer our services in a reasonable price. Plus we do not surprise our clients with any hidden charges.

We only utilize advanced leak detection tools and equipment in order to properly deal with any slab leak issues. Whether the leak is big or small, single or numerous, we could handle it with ease. All our plumbers are capable of doing their job fast in order for you not to waste your time. Rest assured that your privacy, home and schedule is always respected.

Call us now at 714.784.5762 or 949.284.6812 to deal with any leak problems and do the needed repair fast.


- William
Plumbing issues had always been an emergency to me since I am no handyman until I met the real nice guys of Plumbing Orange County! Now, I almost have nothing to worry about and if I do I just know these guys, these plumbing experts, will take care of them for me!