It is necessary that your home is installed with a grease trap for it holds fats, oil and grease. These should not reach the drain lines for it could result to major blockages in the future. If you don’t have this device in your home yet, it’s best to have it installed immediately.

During winter, grease and oil could cause even more problem to homeowners. This is the reason why it has to be kept away from your drain lines.

Waste in the Kitchen

Keep in mind that most of the waste in the kitchen is composed of fat, oil and grease. If these are not intercepted and would go freely on your drain, it would surely result to a lot of problem like clogs.

Even though you don’t use too much oil and grease in your kitchen, it would still accumulate in your drain overtime if you continue letting these wastes go through your drain lines.

You have to be aware that dealing with issues in the drains like cleaning is very expensive. So as much as possible, you need to practice preventive measures in order to avoid unnecessary expense.

Professional Service

Even if you are not required by the law to have this device unlike restaurants and commercial shops, it is still important that you have this at home. Just make sure that the plumber who will install the device is professional enough and has the right experience.

You could also ask the experts regarding the frequency of cleaning the trap. Ask for the advice of the professional and make sure that you adhere to it.

This trapping of grease is not only for the benefit of your home but also for the rivers and lakes in your area. Since the one you have at home is not that big, you could simply do the cleaning on your own.

Features of Grease Traps

This trap is in a box form and it could be made from plastic or metal. The device is installed in between the drain and the kitchen sink. With this, the oil and grease do not anymore go through the drain.

The good thing about home grease traps is it could be cleaned by hand. Just be sure that cleaning is done regularly so that there would be no unnecessary accumulation of waste that could become a hazard.

If ever you don’t want to do the cleaning, you could always hire a plumber to do it.

We at Orange County Plumbing offer grease trap cleaning and installation service. We have been in the business for a long time already so you could expect that we know what to do. All our plumbers are licensed and well experienced. The moment you call us for cleaning, a plumber is always available to do the job.

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