Slab leak could happen in your house any time. This is why you need to be knowledgeable enough when it comes to its detection and repair. This kind of leak is not only irritating but expensive as well depending on which line is affected. Regardless of the plumbing line with leak, it could lead to damages in your property if slab leak repair is not done fast.

Preventing Slab Leak

The best way to prevent slab leak is of course to use high quality pipes for your plumbing lines. If ever you are still using the old pipes of your house which is over 12 years already, now is the right time to consider its replacement.

You have to realize that plumbing lines would eventually deteriorate in time. Considering that you have old pipes in your house, it is easier to crack and leak which could cause you a lot of problem. Before your house gets a lot of beating due to the leaks, you need to plan immediately for the replacement of your entire plumbing line.

Where a Slab Leak Occurs

This leak could occur in two locations and these are your lines carrying water into your home and lines that carry waste out of your property. Since the leak is found below your foundation. It could go undetected for several days and even months especially if you are not very much observant with in your surroundings.

You will just wake up one day that your water bills suddenly went up without any reason. When you check your flooring, you started to see some small cracks which were not there a month ago.

If you don’t want any serious damages in your property, it is very important that you know the value of regular maintenance of your plumbing. The sewer line has to be inspected at least once a year including the water lines. With this, leaks are fixed while it is still a minor problem.

What to do with Slab Leak

When you have a strong feeling that slab leak is present in your home, there is no better way of dealing with the problem other than going for the service of a professional plumbing company. Doing this on your own is quite impossible since you don’t have the right skills and tools to do so.

In looking for the plumbing company to hire, go for one with experience. It is a big advantage when the plumbing company had already done this major plumbing service for years since they already know a lot with regards to important considerations to make the service efficient and timely.

For a slab leak repair service, call Orange County Plumbing. We have professional plumbers who are always ready to do the job and we make sure that we offer our service in an affordable price without compromising the quality of the service we offer.

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