Why Choose Us



We aim for customer satisfaction.

At Plumbing Orange Country, we aim for excellence. We are proud to say that we are committed to offer our customers with high quality service. It is very important to us that our customers are satisfied and happy with what we do.

We make sure that you know everything that we do in your plumbing system so that you don’t have to worry about anything. With this, you will also know what you are paying for.

Our company believes that it is a must that our customers know where their hard earned money is going. We could give you the assurance that with our service, your payment is worth it.

Here are some reasons to call us:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Our plumber are highly skilled and knowledgeable in doing their job so they could certainly offer the best service possible. They receive regular training to make sure they are competent enough in dealing with any kind of plumbing issues in Orange Country.

Licensed, bonded and insured – We are professionally doing our business so expect high quality service. We give you the assurance that your property is safe and in good hands with us. It is our goal to do our job fast and efficiently without causing any damages on your properties.

Low Prices – Amidst the fact that we offer one of the best and most trusted services in the area, we still offer our service in an affordable price.

We make sure that you will not be surprised with any hidden charges when we work. The cost we mentioned to you after our inspection is fixed.

Honest and Professional Plumber – Our plumbers are all licensed and professional. They certainly know how to deal with any plumbing issues in your home.

These plumbers do honest work and would do their best to fix the problem and also apply techniques that could prevent the problem from coming back for a long time.

If you have some plumbing issues at home, do not hesitate to call us now at 714.784.5762 or 949.284.6812.


- William
Plumbing issues had always been an emergency to me since I am no handyman until I met the real nice guys of Plumbing Orange County! Now, I almost have nothing to worry about and if I do I just know these guys, these plumbing experts, will take care of them for me!